We’ve partnered with Gowi Consulting to deliver this bespoke training course to our network.

Course Aims: To communicate effectively in order to deliver and understand information quickly and accurately and to build collaborative relationships.

Content Overview:

  • We start by understanding the foundations of great communication and the basic principles to adopt.
  • The session then looks at the 10 key elements of successful verbal communication, with the opportunity to practice these in the room. This includes active listening as part of verbal communication.
  • We discuss the different verbal communication styles required for different workplace contexts e.g. as a supervisor, as a team member, with clients or as a presenter.
  • Non-verbal communication is also discussed (body language, tone of voice, eye contact) and skills to recognise this in ourselves and in others, and how to use these signals to improve the interaction.
  • Written communication guidelines are shared and examples given for the delegates to ‘improve’. Identifying our own styles (or flaws) and where we can be even better is discussed.
  • Seven key building blocks of good communications skills are the final piece of the session, combining our verbal and written skills to ensure that we understand and are able to apply the learnings across our personal and professional communications.


Delegates will:

  • Have an increased understanding of the importance of clear and effective communication.
  • Know how to improve written work, with key hints and tips to ensure information is shared and understood with clarity and conciseness.
  • Have practiced verbal communication skills, learning to display great listening skills, empathy, confidence and friendliness in their approach. This builds rapport, trust and respect.
  • Understand the difference communication styles and which can be used when.
  • Read non-verbal communication signs and adapt accordingly, as well as recognising their own non-verbal behaviours.
  • Be comfortable expressing ideas and suggestions and creating great dialogue.


MEMBERS: Free (£25+ VAT if outside of free allocation)


19 July 2022

9am – 1pm – Online

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