We’ve worked with The Conflict Training Academy to design and deliver this bespoke session for our network.

The course is tailored to the needs of participants and their role. Specific case scenarios are developed from a Needs Analysis conducted prior to the training taking place, so we can make the training as bespoke as possible.


Learning objectives include:

  • Defining conflict, aggression, and assertive behaviour.
  • Principles for managing conflict, different personalities and communication styles.
  • The stages of conflict escalation – using a 4-part model to de-escalate conflict to support managing unpredictable situations (drugs, alcohol, groups, etc.).
  • Understanding personal triggers –  ‘Red rag’ words and phrases.
  • Managing vocal speed and tone Strategies to maintain composure.
  • Defining abusive behaviour.
  • Involving others and a 3-step model to handle abusive behaviour.
  • How we tend to listen, questioning techniques and structuring challenging conversations.


MEMBERS: Free (if part of training allocation)


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5 May 2022

9.30am – 12.30pm – Online

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5 May 2022

1.30pm – 4.30pm – Online

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