We’ve partnered with the Modular Building Consultants Ltd to deliver this course for our network.

Building off-site and transporting modules or component parts to a site is not a new concept. The use of modular building systems for commercial projects is well established and only recently the uptake in the residential sector has increased. The increased use of modular and off-site construction provides a sustainable solution to the housing crisis with faster programmes to meet the demand.

In this course we will look at the development of modular construction and the benefits it offers. We will compare the differences with traditional contracting, off-site project programming, payment terms and project risks.

Course content: 

  • The history of modular and off-site construction
  • Different types of building systems – Modular, volumetric, panelised building systems
  • Benefits of using off-site
  • Costs in relation to traditional build
  • Pitfalls


  • Understanding off-site construction and the terminologies
  • Where and when modular and off-site can provide a value solution
  • What makes a modular build project successful and risks to be aware of


MEMBERS: Free (£25 + VAT if outside of free allocation)


30 June 2022

9.30am – 1.30pm – Online

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Introduction to Modular and Off-site Construction – Upcoming dates.