OJEU Ref: 2015/S 208 378041
Awarded: 22/01/2016
Expires: 21/01/2020

Contract Award Notice

Our Lifts framework has been split into two lots: Passenger Lifts and Mobility Lifts.

Passenger & Mobility Lifts

Click here to download the framework guide PDF

Passenger Lifts

Lot 1 covers the servicing, maintenance and installation (as required) of all passenger lifts.

  1. Express Lifts Alliance
  2. Apex Lifts
  3. Guideline Lift Services
  4. Jackson Lifts
  5. Britton Price
  6. Amalgamated Lifts
  7. Nova PLC
  8. Stannah Lifts

Mobility Lifts

Lot 2 covers the servicing, maintenance and installation (as required), of new and recycled mobility lifts, stair lifts, through floor lifts and hoists.

  1. Apex Lifts
  2. Jackson Lifts
  3. Wessex Lifts
  4. Nova PLC
  5. Southern Mobility
  6. Stannah Lifts