Procurement services

We have 15 OJEU compliant frameworks where you can direct award or mini-tender.  We can run the full procurement process for you and can draft and finalise the contract.

Direct Award:

We approach the number one ranked Service Provider on your behalf, advising of your requirements.  If they’re interested in the project we’ll arrange for them to meet with you and discuss the opportunity further.  If they decline the opportunity we’d approach the second ranked Service Provider and so on (cascade method).  Once you are happy to proceed we’d finalise the direct award with the Service Provider

Mini Tender:

We approach the framework contractors giving them an overview of your requirements. Those who are interested will be sent to the final set of tender documents. We’ll manage the process on your behalf and formalise the award once complete.

We also run bespoke procurement exercises outside of our frameworks.

For more information please call us on 0208 036 0004.