As part of our commitment to influence the sector and provide asset management advice, we have set up a three tier knowledge share platform to help tackle the HOW?

As part of our commitment to influence the sector we have set up a three tier knowledge’s share platform to help tackle the HOW?

Project Specific

Our members have always been good at posing questions through us and we want this to continue to support day to day peer to peer learning and asset management advice. One organisation can ask a question which is sent out to all other contacts in the group. Responses are then collated and sent back in one report. Recent topics have included:

  • Electric car charging points
  • Asset Management structure
  • Fire Risk Assessment policy and procedures
  • Social Value policy and procedures
  • Latent defects procedure

To sign up to be part of this group please sign up here.

Roundtable Programme

We have launched a round table programme that allows the sector to share best practice case studies, significant technical or procedural influence and breakthrough methodology.

Our roundtable programme works with your our suppliers and affiliate partners to drive meaningful and insightful debate and conversation around common issues across the sector.

A full programme is mailed to members quarterly.

If you would like to request or propose any additional content please contact us.

Annual Research Projects

We have decided to support our sector with 3 high level annual research projects. These are the strategic issues most commonly foreseen in the sector for the coming years and sit at the top table for requirements in asset management advice.

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