We have decided to support our sector with 3 high level annual research projects. These are the strategic issues most commonly foreseen in the sector for the coming years and sit at the top table for requirements in asset management advice.

As part of our commitment to influence the sector we have set up a three tier knowledge’s share platform to help tackle the HOW?

Members voted for the following in October 2020 an the 3 topics are;

  • Climate Change Solutions – How do we move to a zero carbon position? How do we reorganise our priorities to treat this like a compliancy issue, not a political or cultural one?
  • Maintaining Building Safety – How do we be more demanding? How do we legislatively enforce quality through our appointment of reputable organisations?
  • BIM for Asset Management?” – How can we break away from “the norm” and utilise technology and the “new normal” to drive efficiency through technology and remote management of maintenance.

The participants chairs and progress can be seen on the individual pages. We aim to publish the papers and results at our SEC 2021 Conference in November 2021.

We have partnered with Inside Housing to launch an industry survey in January 2021 and welcome insight from the whole sector on these issues.

The workgroups will be led by a subject matter expert.

Local Authority and Housing Association Executives, Managers personally aligned with the challenge of the subject matter and an awareness of their organisations efforts and pending challenge are signed up.

A call for papers has been run with Industry Stakeholders. 2-3 will be assigned to each group, Consisting of contractor, consultant, legal or other network stakeholders who can evidence their ability and desire to provide significant contribution to the workgroup aligned with the challenges above.

If you have any questions, interest in the participating or interest in the findings of our research commitments please contact our Head of Business Partnerships, David Smith on, david.smith@southeastconsortium.org.uk