In 2020 we at the South East Consortium launched our SEC Prospects Initiative. A £250,000 investment into the development of the people that want to work, currently work in, or lead and manage the housing sector.

You can now secure 2 training places for every procurement you run through the SEC

Our Objective

We aspire to influence the success and quality of the people that we serve.

We will provide a range of initiatives that provide succession planning and future proofing of our sectors management.

We will bring new talent into the sector, upskill those already there and create future leaders.

Short Course Training

We aim to upskill and improve the knowledge base and qualifications of staff serving the sector across our membership and the wider housing sector.

We have shaped our offer with the vision to;

  • Train more members staff, inclusive in membership.
  • Offer any employee in the sector access to subsidised training
  • A training prospectus covering Asset Management, Procurement, Compliance, Building Safety, Sustainability and Front Line
  • 40 Unique Sessions

“The training session was just right, very informative, had the right amount of interaction and covered all the important elements in right amount of detail.”

“The course was very engaging and the trainer made it fun to learn and was happy to answer all questions. I would recommend the trainer and The course”

“The content was just right, I didn't feel overwhelmed with the volume. The speakers delivered the material in a timely and 'user' friendly manner”

CPD and Accredited Training

We recognise many professionals in the sector registered with the CIH or another, require evidence of 30 hours CPD per year. it is for this reason we are working with our training partners to make as many of our programmes CPD Accredited or certificated training.

Next Generation Leaders

We look to create the future board rooms in the housing sector, developing a wave of asset and housing leaders of the future for the South East

We are working with our partners Solace to deliver ILN Level 6 Certificates in Leadership.

SEC Members organisations can nominate up to 3 ‘shooting stars’ for training with the ambition they’ll become a Board Member. More…