In 2020 we at the South East Consortium launched our SEC Prospects Initiative. A £250,000 investment into the development of the people that want to work, currently work in, or lead and manage the housing sector.

Our Objective

We aspire to influence the success and quality of the people that we serve.

We will provide a range of initiatives that provide succession planning and future proofing of our sectors management.

We will bring new talent into the sector, upskill those already there and create future leaders.

We will support our sector on this with 3 core streams

The 3 stages will look at bringing new talent into the sector, provide solutions in upskilling staff and developing the next generation of leaders and decision makers in the sector.

  1. (A)ttract, new talent into the sector, with apprentice support and employability programmes between our members tenants and our wide array of suppliers.
  2. (B)uild, the skills of staff within the sector, with our enhanced training offer and a range of day training courses.
  3. (C)reate, the next generation leaders through our funded ILM lv6 Certificate programme. 

Prospect Partners…

More to be announced in February