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Internal & External Building Works

OJEU Ref: 2019/S 078-184728
Awarded: 23/10/2019
Expires: 22/10/2023

This framework offers customers compliant access to a range of building contractors, from bigger nationwide suppliers to specialist contractors and SME’s alike.

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Internal & External Building Works

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Major Refurbishments

Lot 1 has been designed to encompass all work streams. The works are likely to consist of several work streams bundled together to form a major refurbishment project. The building contractor will cover all aspects of the project.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Lot 2 covers the labour and replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, W.Cs and electrical where identified.

  1. Wates
  2. Amber Construction
  3. Mulalley & Co
  4. Greyline
  5. Foster Property Maintenance
  6. United Living
  7. Liberty Group
  8. Kier Services
  9. Axis Europe
  10. TMN Contractors

Windows and Doors

Lot 3 covers the replacement or refurbishment of windows, doors, guttering, fascias, soffits, porches and external cladding where identified.

  1. Niblock Building Contractors
  2. Wates
  3. United Living
  4. Mulalley & Co
  5. Foster Property Maintenance
  6. Liberty Group
  7. Bell Group
  8. AD Construction


Lot 4 covers the provision for the replacement or repair of existing pitched roof coverings, roof structures, guttering / rainwater pipes, fascia’s / soffits, dormer windows where identified.


Lot 5 covers the provision of electrical testing, installations and/or upgrades to a variety of individual residential properties, communal areas, multi occupancy residential blacks and commercial premises.

  1. Aaron Services
  2. Smith & Byford
  3. NRT Building Services
  4. Arc Group London
  5. Niblock Building Contractors
  6. Greyline
  7. Kier Services
  8. Wiggett Group

Internal and External Decorations and Repairs

Lot 6 covers the provision of repairs and cyclical decoration works to the internal and external structure.

  1. Axis Europe
  2. Bell Group
  3. Hankinson
  4. Mitie Property Services
  5. George Jones
  6. Greyline
  7. Novus Property Solutions
  8. TMN Contractors
  9. DW Support Services
  10. Mulalley & Co