What are frameworks?

A procurement framework is an arrangement whereby an organisation (in our case SEC) identifies a shortlist of suppliers who are able to deliver certain works / services. When setting up a framework we set the specification and check suppliers for quality, price and financial standing. The highest scoring suppliers are then awarded to join the framework.

Once the framework is awarded it’s closed for four years. During this time customers are able to “call off” individual contracts from the framework.

Any publically funded body can use our frameworks – this includes housing associations, local authorities, universities and NHS bodies.

What are the benefits?

When using a SEC framework to procure works and services:

  • You’ll save time – sometimes up to 12 months when compared to running the procurement in-house
  • You’ll benefit from increased buying power / economies of scale
  • You’ll gain access to our intelligent specifications and cost models
  • SEC will support you with each stage of the process and ensure you’re compliant
  • You have two different contract award options – direct award to the top-ranked supplier or carrying out a mini tender amongst all successful suppliers
  • You’ll also benefit from our supplier due diligence – all suppliers on our frameworks are regularly checked for their financial standing etc.
  • You can now secure 2 training places for every procurement you run through the SEC

The Direct Award Process

When using a SEC framework to procure works and services you’re able to direct award to the top-ranked supplier. In exceptional cases, you are able to direct award outside of number 1 with a strong justification. If you’d like to speak to us about this in more detail please get in touch.

How long will this take me?

A direct award will take approximately 3-4 weeks depending on your internal approval processes.

A direct award step by step…

The Mini Tender Process

You’re also able to run a mini-competition to call off our frameworks. You’ll be abel to use your own specification and cost model. You can also choose your own cost / quality split and quality questions. All pricing submitted by contractors must be linked to the framework.

How long will this take me?

A mini tender will take approximately 6-8 weeks depending on your internal approval processes.

A mini competition step by step…