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Project Management Services

This Lot of our Consultancy Services Framework covers the provision of project management services.

What are project management services? 

In construction, project management is the process of managing resources over the life-cycle of a construction project. Customers sometimes wish to outsource project management to external consultants. They will manage the project through various tools and methodologies to control scope, cost, time and quality of work. This usually means that the project manager, be it an individual or organisation, must interact and manage a variety of different disciplines – from architecture to engineering, to public works and city planning.

What services are covered in this Lot? 

Consultants on this Lot are able to provide full project management and contract management services from inception to completion. It covers work from starting on site to  the end of the defects period. This will also include tender document and contract drafting, advice and administration.


  1. Faithorn Farrell Timms (FFT)
  2. Martin Arnold
  3. Pennington Choices
  4. Fulkers
  5. Michael Dyson Associates
  6. Pellings LLP
  7. Silver DCC
  8. Ridge & Partners

Award Options

Flexible Direct Award

Customers are able to Direct Award to any consultant on the Lot regardless of ranking. You will not need to ask those ranked before your preferred supplier to step aside. If you’d like to speak to us about this in more detail please get in touch.

How long will this take me?

A direct award will take approximately 3-4 weeks depending on your internal approval processes. Learn more about the process here – Regular Direct Award Process. 

Mini Competition

You’re also able to run a mini-competition to call off this framework. You’ll be able to use your own specification and cost model. You can also choose your own cost / quality split and quality questions. All pricing submitted by contractors must be linked to the framework.

How long will this take me?

Once you have your specification and cost model ready, the tender process takes approximately 6-8 weeks, depending on your internal approval processes. Learn more about the process here – Mini Tender Process. 

Contract Options

Which contract form can I use?

You’re able to chose from a number of different contract forms: 

  1. RICS Short Form of Consultants Appointment,
  2. a contract from the JCT suite, or
  3.  you’re able to use your own form of bespoke contract. 

Accessing this Framework

Who can access this framework?

Any publically funded body can use this framework – access is not limited to SEC Members alone. Full details can be found here.

To access this framework compliantly you’ll need to sign a copy of our access agreement. You can download a template version of the agreement here – Consultancy Authorising Agreement (Members) and Consultancy Authorising Agreement (Guests).

Is there a cost to access? 

There is no access fee to use this framework. A levy % dependant on whether you are a guest or member is collected directly from the contractor once a call off contract is awarded.

What are frameworks?

Learn more about how frameworks work and how our sector uses them.

Framework Tender

We procured this framework through a two-stage restricted process. At the first stage interested suppliers completed a Selection Questionnaire (SQ). From there we then invited select tenderers to complete a second stage Invitation to Tender (ITT).

The cost and quality elements of each tender was evaluated at 40% cost and 60% quality. More detail on this can be found below.

Next Steps

Ready to use this framework?

Please contact us today. Our Procurement team will support you with your requirements. 

Have some further questions?

Check out our FAQs page here. Or contact a member of the team today – we’re happy to help.