We’ve a suite of frameworks designed to support you with your Development projects. 

They’re all free to access and you’ll receive our advice and guidance along each stage of the procurement process.


This Lot is part of our consultancy framework.  Architects on this Lot are able to provide advice on structural matters and  design solutions for new build projects, specific needs accommodation and high rise dwellings. They’re also able to provide advice in respect to low rise housing or any other property type.

View the full framework here. 

Employers Agent Services

This Lot of our Consultancy Services Framework covers the provision of employers’ agent services. Consultants on this Lot are able to facilitate projects from inception (pre-construction) to completion (handover and end of defect liability period).

View the full framework here. 

New Build

This Framework provides customers a compliant route to appoint new build contractors. All the successful suppliers have experience delivering similar projects for  the public sector.

The value bands have been designed to suit customer requirements and provide you with a range of options. Each lot has been subdivided by location to give this Framework national coverage.

View the full framework here.

Planning Services

This Lot is included as part of our Consultancy framework. Consultants are able to offer a wide range of advice on all matters concerned with planning, development and environmental issues surrounding building projects.

View the full framework here.