We’ve been building public sector frameworks for housing since 2005.

Public sector frameworks should provide you with a compliant route to market that saves you time and money. Each framework is OJEU compliant, meaning you’ll save weeks of tender time and 000’s of £s in terms of administration as a minimum – that’s before you measure economies of scale. When we go to the market we lever our buying power to get some of the best market rates in SE England. Our frameworks all have specifications and cost data behind them to support you in making informed decisions. Ask us to talk to you about this information.

Our frameworks are designed for direct award to the most economically advantageous appointed supplier or for a ‘mini competition’ where we invite all suppliers to re-submit a bid bespoke to your needs. Our sector is full of options – but choose someone who has experience, cost information, truly loves the sector and can run all of the administration for you. Choose SEC.

For ease of reference we split our 16 frameworks into three core groups. You’ll be able to find out more about our offer behind each below.


Contractor Services, for repairs, planned works and development

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Professional Services in consultancy, design, legal and project management

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New Frameworks

Our upcoming frameworks

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How to use our services

Please see below for details on the next steps in using our services. Or you can get in touch with our Procurement Team on 0208 036 0004.

Next Steps

Here’s what we’ll need from you:

  • Completed project checklist with your requirements including timescales i.e. contract start date
  • Confirmation as to whether you’d like us to draft the contract for you (Please note SEC charge £50 plus VAT per JCT contract we draft).  A copy of the draft contract will be issued with the tender documents.  Please provide any amendments / inclusions for your contract
  • Your specification & cost model (if you need advice on this, let us know )
  • A comprehensive property or asset list, if applicable
  • Any other documents you want included with the tender pack
  • A signed framework authorising agreement.  This will allow you to use our OJEU compliant framework. You’ll need to sign a framework authorising agreement the first time you use a framework. The agreement will be sent once you’ve confirmed you want to proceed
  • Once the tender documents have been issued we will ask you for potential dates for the written evaluation.  You and your project team will need to evaluate the written responses. SEC doesn’t evaluate the written responses but can facilitate the session if required

What we’ll do for you:

  • Provide a project timetable if required
  • Send out an expression of interest to the framework contractors
  • Draft the tender documents.  Once finalised, we’ll issue the tender documents on our chosen tendering portal
  • Any questions raised during the tender period will be sent to you for a response.  We will then send clarifications to the tenderers
  • Once the tender deadline has passed we’ll download the submissions and carry out the financial evaluation
  • We’ll facilitate the quality evaluation process if required
  • We collate all scores and send a tender report for your approval
  • Once you’ve approved the results we’ll send out the award decision letters
  • We’ll arrange for the contract (if SEC draft it) to be finalised and issued for signing.