Hexagon Housing Association – Member Benefit Statement

This benefit statement details all your activities with SEC over the past 12 months. We’ll look at procurement exercises ran, money saved and framework usage. Read on for more information about our 20-23 Strategic plan and what you can expect from us over the next year.  

2019-20 has been a great year for SEC. We’ve welcomed 6 new Members to the Consortium and have seen framework usage grow by 23%.  We’ve started to deliver a more enhanced service but there is much more to do. We realise we’re just scratching at the surface and have devised an ambitions 20-23 Strategic Plan that reflects this. It’s all about doing ‘more’ for our Members.

2020/21 Overview

So far in 19/20 we’ve run 126 procurement exercises with 77 in progress. According to our consultants, the average cost of a procurement exercise if ran in house is £20,000. On that basis we’ve saved our framework users £3.24m on procurement costs alone.

Over the last year, with the help of our Members, we’ve re-procured 4 of our biggest and most used frameworks – Access Control Systems, Lifts, Heating and Compliancy Management, and Internal & External Building Works. On top of this we’ve added the 16th framework to our list – Estate Cleaning Services

We’ve held 20 seminars and training events this year – including our Annual Conference. SEC2019 saw us move to a new and exciting location as we focused on getting our network ‘future ready.’ On the day we hosted 400 delegates and held 19 talks across two stages.

Thank you for your continued support this year and we look forward to working with you over the next 12 months.

2021-22 Membership Fee

This year our Membership Fee will remain £0.25p per owned or managed property. With a minimum fee of £1,000 and a maximum fee of £10,000. Confirmation of your new annual fee is detailed below.  

Stock Count for 21/22: 4,638

Your membership fee for 2021/22: £1,159.50

An invoice will be sent w/c 12 April. If a PO is required please raise and send to mia.clark@southeastconsortium.org.uk

Your usage and involvement for 2020/21 to date:





(£20k per exercise)



Member Usage 2020/21*

Framework Use 2020/2021*

These figures are based on all contracts procured through our frameworks with a start date on or after 1 April 2020. Figures don’t include our free to access/non-levied frameworks such as EPS, Legal Services and Total Office Solutions.

Top 3 frameworks (ex. New Build): 

  1. Consultancy
  2. Internal and External Building Works
  3. Heating Systems/Compliancy Management


*Year to date

The year ahead – doing more for Members

As part of our commitment to influence the sector we have set up a three tier knowledge’s share platform to help tackle the HOW?

Through our foundation fund we commit to investing a minimum of £150,000 over 3 years in supporting community projects in areas which we operate and serve.