In 2020 we at the South East Consortium launched our SEC Foundation. As part of our commitment to the housing sector we have provisioned a proportion of our reserves, as a not for profit organisation, to community projects.

Our Objective

Through our foundation fund we commit to investing £150,000 over 3 years in supporting community projects in areas which we operate and serve.



We will open nominations annually between January – March. Nominations will be open through our website on the link below and will be open to anyone to apply and nominate a benefactor.

Nominations are now closed

To nominate please ensure your bid meets these requirements;

  1. Have a financial request upto £10,000
  2. Would support a community organisation, charity, not for profit or community cause
  3. The nominee be connected to us as a client, clients tenant or supplier
  4. The benefiting community be linked by project or client to works we are doing.

Our Fund Trustees

Daren Donoghue

Rebecca Willcox

Shirley Heapy

Shane Convey

Will Chan

Gemma Forshaw