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The Brief

London Borough Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF) approached SEC looking to appoint a consultant to help them deliver nine packages of external refurbishment works across the borough. After speaking to them about the project and their particular requirements we facilitated the contract award to Baily Garner through the Multi Disciplinary Lot of our Consultancy Framework.

Customer: London Borough Hammersmith & Fulham

Contractor: Baily Garner

SEC Framework Route: Consultancy Framework

Contract Value: c£20m

Contract Term: 2019 – ongoing

The Solution

Baily Garner worked with the client to deliver their nine packages of external refurbishment work. The packages comprised a range of properties from high-, medium- and low-rise blocks of flats, to individual stucco-fronted houses. Baily Garner provided a building surveyor-led contract administrator role as well as acting as cost consultants, principal designers and CDM advisors. They undertook an initial feasibility study for each scheme, including a detailed budget estimate and then progressed this through to full design and specification. All external elements were repaired or upgraded as necessary.

Project Successes

  • Where components required replacement, Baily Garner ensured they were replaced with materials that would reduce the maintenance liability and where possible provided energy efficiency upgrades such as roof insulation and new double-glazed windows. Fire compliance of components was also a key consideration.
  • Baily Garner worked with the council to hold 18 out of hours consultation meetings prior to any works commencing on site, to ensure everyone was able to attend. Some of these open forum discussions resulted in slight changes in the specified works and listening to the residents also helped the contractors to understand how to ensure the works did not impede their daily activities.
  • Access to all properties in one of the packages was impeded by their location in that they backed onto the main overground railway track. Scaffolding therefore had to be erected at night following shut down of the tracks. Early liaison with LUL was imperative to a smooth-running project and to prevent unnecessary delays in erection.

Customer testimonial

“We worked closely with the SEC to ensure a fair and competitive tender process across all packages delivered by Baily Garner. The procurement consisted of a cost and quality split, with a fully priced specification and up to six questions across every individual package. The process was smooth and the SEC attended the quality review sessions as an impartial representative and to record the commentary which was invaluable considering the quantum of documents returned. ”

Baily Garner