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The Brief

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (LBHF) approached us in 2020 to help support them with their upcoming procurement project. They wanted to appoint a contractor to carry out cyclical decorations and refurbishment works at their Maystar Estate.

We worked with them to learn more about their specific requirements in order to advise on the most appropriate procurement route for them and their organisation. Following a successful mini-tender through our Internal & External Building Works framework, Axis Europe started a new 12 month contract with LBHF in March 2021.

Customer: LBHF

Contractor: Axis Europe

SEC Framework Route: Internal & External Building Works Framework

Contract Value: £5m

Contract Term: 1 year

The Solution

The project encompassed 393 dwellings in total, housing at least 500 residents. Axis’ team had a wide scope of work which included asbestos removals. They surveyed all properties and found a major water ingress problem coming from the balconies. Their comprehensive report of each balcony led to the client finding that the insulation was actually soaked – Axis were then instructed to replace all balconies as part of the works.

The team resurfaced the balconies and made repairs to the railings. They repaired the drainage, alongside all rainwater goods, applying Prokol waterproofing to communal walkways and balconies, as well as installing coping stones. This came alongside roof stripping, repairs, and lightning protection.

Axis Europe replaced bin chutes, the electrical intake cupboard doors, and installed new communal flooring. The team also replaced fans and repaired fencing. Additionally, they applied a redecoration programme to all previously painted areas.

The team restored windows and installed new Reglit glass screens in communal staircases, repairing exterior brick work and utilised a Sika concrete repair system with anti-carbon coating. As part of the planned decorations and improvements, they also installed Gerda fire doors, with FRA works and new front entrances.

Project Successes

  1. Their comprehensive surveys and reports of the balconies led to the client discovering the wet insulation, which required quick work to repair.
  2. Resident Liaison Officers worked closely with the Maystar Resident Association to ensure effective communication. They supported residents throughout the contract and provided a bespoke customer care package to meet all needs. One disabled gentleman could not access his garden. In response, we cut a gate into his balcony railing and installed a ramp for direct access. Axis noticed another disabled resident was struggling to open doors and difficulty with his movement. Through their partner charity, the Axis Foundation, they have funded the installation of an automatic door. Once fitted, they will provide a surveyor to determine a suitable electric wheelchair.
  3. With a change of client management, the team offered to walk around with new management during his first few weeks, developed a good working relationship and built trust with effective communication.