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Cyclical Repairs & Redecorations Works


Client: Gravesham Borough Council

Supplier: Axis Europe

“I live at Medhurst Gardens and fully appreciate the work which is currently being done for us in the maisonettes. The contractor Axis is extremely efficient, good workers, very polite, no slackers, and the work is being done really fast and efficiently. I have personally praised them myself.” 

Client testimonial: Resident at Medhurst Gardens, Gravesham Borough Council.

In 2016, Axis Europe successfully completed a four-year redecoration and repairs contract, for our client Gravesham Borough Council. The project was undertaken by Axis as part of their membership on the SEC Internal and External Building Works framework and saw the delivery of cyclical decorations and repairs to Gravesham Council properties in Kent.

Due to their high level of performance (with a benchmark performance mean at 99.78% in 2015) Axis were awarded a further three-year contract by Gravesham Borough Council.

The new contract will employ Axis to deliver cyclical repair and redecoration works across an estimated 2,000 properties — a mixed stock of flats, maisonettes, houses, bungalows and residential care homes — throughout Gravesham. The scope of works includes asbestos removal, brick render and pebble dash, timber and concrete care, external cleaning and roofing works.

Gravesham Borough Council have also awarded Axis a 26-week Cyclical Repairs contract to restore and repaint external masonry across their stock, which will commence immediately after these works. This contract was also secured through our SEC Internal and External Building Works Framework.


  • Asbestos removal
  • Brick wall repairs, rendering and pebble dash
  • Guttering and downpipes
  • Maintenance and repair of garage doors and roofs
  • Timber and concrete care
  • Renewal of fascia and soffits
  • Internal redecoration of communal lounge areas and corridors
  • Maintenance of common areas including stairwells and balconies


Value: £800,000

Duration: 3 years