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Asbestos Removals for London Borough of Islington


Client: London Borough of Islington

Supplier: Cablesheer

“SEC have facilitated us to procure this contract in a quick and compliant manner while achieving cost saving in both staff time and the cost of the work. The input provided by SEC has been professional and the outcome of the procurement has enabled us to progress this work in a cost effective manner.”


Billy Wells

Principal Housing Manager

London Borough of Islington

The Customer

The London Borough of Islington had a requirement to carry out asbestos removal and reinstatement works.

Islington approached South East Consortium (SEC) to see if they could use the framework that had been tendered by SEC.


After initial discussions Islington confirmed that the framework and rates within it were suitable for their purposes and provided good value for money. The top ranked contractor was Cablesheer and this also provided Islington with an opportunity for a quick mobilisation period as they were their incumbent contractor.

The pricing evaluations completed by Islington between the framework rates and the rates provided by their current contract demonstrated a significant saving for Islington Council.

Following these discussions Islington agreed to enter into contract based on a direct award from the Asbestos Removals framework, with a start on site date in July 2017.


The outcome of these negotiations resulted in Islington being able to enter into a contract that complies with the Public Contract Regulations 2015. This contract achieved savings of around 25% and its procurement had been completed in a very short timeframe.

25% savings for Asbestos Removal